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Instructions After SuperLasik

POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS Congratulations! You have successfully completed your Superlasik eye surgery! It is normal to have following symptoms: Watering eyes & nose, light sensitivity, redness and swelling of eye, a foreign body sensation or the feeling that something is in your eye. Vision may be foggy, like seeing under water. Try to rest and… Read More »Instructions After SuperLasik

PreOp Instructions for Lasik

PREPARTION FOR SURGERY1. Contact Lens Removal: Soft lenses should not be worn for at least 3-7 days prior to your laser procedure. If you wear gas permeable/hard contacts lenses, you may need to remove your lenses 3-4 weeks before treatment. We will advise you on this matter.2. It is very important that you do not… Read More »PreOp Instructions for Lasik

Independence Day Lasik Special!

Happy Independence Day!! We want to celebrate our independence at Khanna Vision by giving you freedom from your glasses and contacts!  OUR GIFT TO YOU……For a limited time only! $1000 off* Lasik, Superlasik, ICL or Pterygium eye procedures. Liberate yourself from your glasses and contacts! Don’t miss out on this amazing offer. Book your surgery… Read More »Independence Day Lasik Special!

March Madness Khanna Lasik Discount offer

March Madness

The folks in our marketing department have gone crazy! They want to rejoice the downtrend of Covid, as well as celebrate the first annual hoops after Covid. The marketers have announced a never before offer of THIRTY PERCENT OFF the regular price of Advanced iDesign Lasik eye surgery – yes, you read correctly, 30% OFF!!… Read More »March Madness