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What is PIE?

What is PIE?PIE is short for presbyopia implant in eye. It is an acronym coined by Rajesh Khanna, MD. Patients find it easy to remember compared to the previous terms which were tongue twister (PRELEX) or incorrect (RLE, CLE)PIE is a vision correction procedure that corrects presbyopia. Let us see what the meaning of each… Read More »What is PIE?

Can you have Lasik if you have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration?

What if you don’t want to wear  glasses but your eye doctor has diagnosed you with macular degeneration? Is is safe to have LASIK if you’ve been diagnosed with macular degeneration? Let’s discuss what your options are in such cases. The first thing required is a thorough dilated eye examination to rule out Wet Macular degeneration. This… Read More »Can you have Lasik if you have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration?


Rodney Hannah is a former tight end of the Dallas Cowboys. Upon leaving the NFL Rodney found another passion that was close to his heart. Helping others live out their  dreams of success in the business realm. He began working in sales,marketing, and branding helping other brands grow while keeping their true nature intact with… Read More »NFL-Tight-End-Rodney-Hannah


WHAT IS TECNIS MULTIFOCAL LENS? TECNIS Multifocal  lens (TMF) are FDA approved implantable bio compatible lenses. That means they are inert and the body will not reject them. They are manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. They are indicated for primary implantation for the visual correction of aphakia in grown-up patients and also that prefer near, intermediate, as… Read More »TECNIS MULTIFOCAL LENS

Uveitis and Lasik Eye Surgery

So what is Uveitis? Can Lasik be still performed Uveitis is inflammation of the middle layer of the coverings of the eye, known as the uvea. It can include iritis, choroiditis and pars planitis. Uveitis is uncontrolled can lead to blindness. Can Lasik be done if I have Uveitis? Of course any type of Lasik… Read More »Uveitis and Lasik Eye Surgery

Cataract Surgery After LASIK

Cataract Surgery After LASIK eye procedure requires special expertise. There are many important points to think about. Lets divide the factors to consider into three groups. Calculations before Cataract eye procedure, Techniques during the cataract surgery and management after the cataract eye surgery. Calculations before Cataract eye procedure Its very important get certain data before proceeding… Read More »Cataract Surgery After LASIK

Monovision Contact Lenses

What You Need to Know About Monovision Contact Lenses Monovision contact lenses are becoming one of the most opted solutions for eye issues such as presbyopia. Monovision contact lenses can aid in reducing the necessity to use “readers”. It is also a great option if you are not fit to be a candidate for bifocal… Read More »Monovision Contact Lenses

Comparing and contrasting Presbyopia implants ReSTOR+2.5 D VS ReSTOR+3.0 D

ReSTOR®+2.5 D IOL ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL with ACTIVEFOCUSTM optical layout for the patients with energetic lifestyles, such as those who Participate in activities requiring more intermediate (53 cm/21 in) and distance (4 m/13 ft.) vision Are not willing to compromise distance vision for a full range of vision Desire more opportunity for a range… Read More »Comparing and contrasting Presbyopia implants ReSTOR+2.5 D VS ReSTOR+3.0 D