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In case, if any kind of discrepancy is seen, an eye professional must be sought advice from. For kids, it is advisable to have an extensive eye examination a minimum of once a year.

The lazy eye syndrome or amblyopia is a common problem that develops from early youth. While the eye may show up normal, the vision suffers. For the most part, lowered vision is seen among children as well as young people. It is seen in two to three out of every 100 cases. Amblyopia is a difficult condition to treat when the kid has actually crossed the age of 7 years. Hence, it is necessary to have total eye examinations done at an earlier age if any issue with eyesight is noticed.
According to a doctor, “Sometimes, the child’s eyes turn in or out and do not align as they should. This non-alignment results in a failure in focusing on objects and the kid frequently sees objects doubled. In some other instances, the kid is not able to see well because of something blocking the light from getting through. This could be a clot of blood or a cataract. Any one of the above reasons might result in amblyopia.”
There are three kinds of amblyopia, describes our eye doctor:

– Strabismic amblyopia, when one eye may turn in or out, up or down

– Deprival amblyopia, in which the kid is denied of the visual experience due to a blockage that stops light from getting through. This blockage may be in the shape of cataracts or similar blockage/s to cataracts

– Refractive amblyopia, where one eye is seeking more visual support like eyeglasses or contacts as compared to the other eye. It causes hazy or fuzzy vision and can impact both the eyes in many cases

When diagnosing amblyopia, he recommends that it is critical to check for the below listed conditions:

– Vision in both eyes ought to be fine without any issues that remain undiagnosed

– There needs to be no obstruction for light getting through to the eyes and to the retina at the back of the eye

– Both the eyes must move equally without any restrictions

In case, if any inconsistency is seen, an eye specialist needs to be consulted. For children, it is advisable to have a detailed eye examination at least yearly.

Dealing With Amblyopia
In order treat lazy eye, it is important to have the brain to begin using of the affected eye more than usual. The ophthalmologist will initially correct the underlying problems of sight. To improve focus, some children need eyeglasses. If a cataract is obstructing the flow of light, a cataract surgery might be needed.
The doctor might advise covering the normal eye with a patch. Initially, it will be tough to effectively see through the affected eye, yet at some point, it will certainly help increase and restore vision. This procedure might take a long period of time, in some cases also years, adds the doctor.
The doctor’s advice is to be religiously followed and regular check-ups need to be done. As soon as the vision becomes near normal in the impacted eye, the patch can be removed. In many cases, the doctor suggests using an eye drop that helps blur the vision in the normal eye, thus avoiding patching of that eye.

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