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SMILE Lasik eye surgery

SMILE laser vision correction

SMILE Lasik eye surgery is innovative twist to lasik eye surgery.

It has been developed by Carl Zeiss, from Germany. The laser platform used is Visumax. It is in vogue in Europe, Asia and in Latin America. As of May 2016 it has not been approved by FDA for sale in the United States. Clinical trials are beginning in the US.

Best lasik eye surgeons in California like to know and share the latest developments. Lasik eye surgery is one of the safest surgeries. Dr. Khanna feels there is no reason research should not carry the safety and outcomes even further.

Carl Ziess is well known in the ophthalmic community. They have produced advanced diagnostic equipment for decades. Slit lamps and topographers have set the industry standard. Dr. Warren Hill recently opined that their Atlas topographer is till the Best. Ocular coherence topographer or using light to get biopsy images have revolutionized the way eye doctors examine a patient. Continuing the progress in diagnostic and therapeutics Car Zeiss has produce the Visumax eye laser.

This laser can make flaps of different sizes. This is a femtosecond laser. That means it can be used with Visx laser to do lasik eye surgery. Normally  femtosecond lasers like intralase generate one cleavege plane. Visumax laser produces two cleave planes. Th tissue between the two is removed. This is essence is SMILE Lasik eye surgery or small lenticular extraction procedure.

IS SMILE Lasik eye surgery an option for you?

Now we have a brief idea about the procedure. Let us explore if it is worth waiting for. Theoretically, the smile procedure should cause less dry eye induction. So far studies have shown that at 3 months there is no difference between SMILE and Best Lasik eye surgery. The healing is faster with lasik eye surgery when compared to smile. So the consensus is that at present time lasik eye procedure perfumed by the Top lasik eye surgeons is the best bet.

So let us smile and have thin flap lasik eye surgery.

What is ReLEx SMILE?

ReLEx SMILE is a recently FDA approved procedure for the correction of nearsightedness. It reshapes the cornea without creating a flap. You may feel hey that is what PRK or lasek was about. The difference is that the reshaping is not done on the surface. It is done below the corneal surface. A personalized disc or lenticule of cornea is fashioned by the Visumax laser. This is extracted by the Smile surgeon through a small opening. Its as simple as that.

This latest treatment combines the advantages of PRK and Lasik eye surgery  all refractive surgeons had concluded that PRK or its derivatives like lasek and superlasik are safer than lasik. Patient discomfort of these procedures have prevented them from becoming the mainstay of laser vision correction treatment. Enter the new Kid – Smile. This new procedure does not make a flap . So it preserves biomechanics of the cornea. It also means less incidence of dry eyes.

As of 2016/2017 only Visumax femtosecond laser developed by Zeiss is FDA approved to perform Smile. If fear has kept now you can Smile.

If you would like to learn more about Smile laser vision correction with the Visumax laser please call (310) 896 4944






Surface ablation just below the epithelium

​Reshaping done below epithelium and a portion of corneal stroma

A disc of corneal stroma is removed


Excimer laser like Allegretto or Visx reshapes the cornea

Excimer laser and a microkeratome or Femtosecond laser like intralaser employed

Only one femtoseocnd laser the Visumax used


​One plane treatment

​One plane treatment

Two plane treatment designs the outline of the lenticule

Gentle Treatment

Side Effects

Patient discomfort commons

​Risks of flap complication

​No flap complications

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