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Six Eye Problems That Warn You About Getting Routine Eye Examinations

Whenever your eyes get itchy and watery, you think it’s a sign that your allergic reactions are troubling you but these could be initial signs of deeper health issues. Likewise. did you know that your eyes can also provide you indications regarding other various other health conditions?
This is part of the reason that routine eye exams are an important part of your healthcare check- ups.

An Eye Doctor discusses about some of the other health problems that your eyes can indicate.

Stress and anxiety

Persistent stress may lead to vision loss, study shows

Have you ever experienced a pesky eye jerk that starts up the day before an important presentation? It’s not just a coincidence. The most usual reasons for an eye twitch are absence of sleep, too much tension or too much caffeine, the doctor says.
If it’s getting too troublesome, try using a cool pack on the eye to deal with the twitching. “If your whole eye is clinched shut, when you wake up after sleep in the morning, though, that signifies a trouble that needs checking-up by your physician or eye doctor,” she adds.

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetic retinopathy - Wikipedia

What appears like periodic blurred vision might be a sign that a person has a diabetic eye condition. “Their vision could be much better in the early morning but blurry after they have actually had a large meal, which brings about changes in their blood glucose levels” the doctor explains. This is because high blood sugar levels can cause the lenses of the eyes to swell, making vision fuzzy.
Prolonged high blood sugar level can bring about something even more serious called diabetic retinopathy, which can trigger vision loss. If you have diabetes, it’s specifically important to have an eye test each year.


The eyes have it for high blood pressure clues | American Heart ...

Hypertension can harm the blood vessels that provide blood to the retina. You will not notice a change in your eyes or vision at first, however, an optometrist might be able to identify it when she or he takes a look at the veins inside the eye.

Overexposure to sunlight

Sunburned Eyes: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A pink or yellow lump on the white of the eye can show damage to the conjunctiva from too much sunlight exposure, which can be harmful to the skin and eyes in many other ways too. “They can increase and grow and at some point, be large enough to be actually blocking your vision,” the doctor states. We should purchase an excellent set of sunglasses that provide complete UV protection that cover your eyes totally.

Retinal Detachment or Migraines

26 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Eye Stye

Seeing a few eye floaters typically isn’t an indication of anything severe, yet if you observe light flashes or darkness in your field of view, this suggests an eye emergency that requires immediate medical attention to assess its severity.

These rapid flashes are other than those that are a precursor of a migraine headache. “In some cases, patients observe a 20-minute long flickering or shimmering light that increases in size and shrinks down once again,” the doctor clarifies. That can be the beginning of an ocular migraine, which might be followed with by a headache.

Blood clotting problem

Subconjunctival haemorrhage: Blood in the eye | All About Vision

See a spot of red on the white of your eye? Damaged capillaries in the eye typically result from stressing and straining of the eye capillaries (from hefty lifting or coughing or sneezing) and also do not cause long-term damages. “It looks extremely disconcerting, however, usually there’s no treatment and actually none is needed as it will certainly resolve over the next couple of weeks,” the doctor states.

However, if this takes place multiple times, see your eye doctor, as it can be a bleeding problem.

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