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Research Study Evaluates Viagra’s Vision Problem

Sildenafil, offered under the brand name Viagra, is considered safe for men with erectile dysfunction. However, at high doses, the medication can have lasting effects on vision, which has been researched. That’s the result of a report published this month, which describes in detail the event in question.
The report describes 17 healthy and balanced men that looked for healthcare after taking the medication for the very first time. Doctors normally recommend beginning with 50 milligrams of sildenafil, then elevating or reducing the dosage as needed. Yet the males in this study took the drug without prescription, which is highly risky for any type of medication except OTC drugs and they took Viagra at the highest recommended dosage: 100 milligrams.
All experienced vision disruptions ranging from light sensitivity and also blurriness to color blindness and blue-tinted vision. The symptoms proceeded long after the medicine’s desired impacts subsided, the scientists report, which shows that the medication does have its own side-effects. For some men, visual disability lasted as long as 3 weeks, which is a long period of time and has serious implications.

Viagra’s Vision Link
Viagra boosts blood circulation to the penis – triggering an erection – by turning off an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5. Yet in the process, the drug additionally meddles with an associated enzyme in retinal cells, which results in the adverse side effects sometimes. At high doses, specialists say, this might completely damage the retina, at its very worst.
Adverse effects most often emerge in males with various other underlying health and wellness problems. Erectile dysfunction medicines are tied to ischemic optic neuropathy, an abrupt and also irreversible vision loss caused by disrupted blood circulation to the optic nerve. This is most typical in males with high blood pressure or heart conditions. Men with an irregular optic nerve or an inherited condition called retinitis pigmentosa are likewise prone to vision problems when they take impotence medications.

Recommendations for Males: Even More Is Not Much better
The brand-new research study isn’t the very first indicator that high dosages of sildenafil raise the danger of vision troubles. In 2015, researchers reported the instance of a guy who had vision loss, including “doughnut-shaped” areas in his vision, after taking in a whole bottle of liquid sildenafil, which was highly risky to say the least. The disability lasted for at least two months. Yet these cases are uncommon, but cannot be completely ruled out.
Any type of dosage of sildenafil can trigger short-lived pain in the back, headaches, queasiness as well as visual changes. But symptoms do not normally last for greater than five hours. Why some men experience lingering symptoms is vague. It’s possible that these guys take longer than others to absorb the medicine, recommends an ophthalmologist who authored the report. That can create high concentrations of the medicine to build up in the blood, when it is not yet absorbed.

Is Viagra Well Worth the Risk?
While the report raises new problems, experts do not recommend disposing of the medication. One key takeaway from all the episodes above is: Just use Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medicine under medical supervision – and with a prescription. Also, buy the drug from a reliable resource. Counterfeit drugs, commonly marketed online, are not regulated by the FDA and also may not satisfy quality and safety criteria.
“If you take erectile dysfunction medication, know that there is a low danger of visual negative effects or complications, consisting of ischemic optic neuropathy. Be sure to talk about the risks and also advantages with your prescribing doctor,” says a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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